This road safety feature using ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) on an at-grade junction on the M1 Princes Highway in Mount Moriac in Victoria, Australia activates a Variable Speed Limit sign (VSL) along the main carriageway when a vehicle is waiting on the approaching minor side road.

A stationary vehicle at the give-way line is recognised by a detector loop in the carriageway notifying the controller of the vehicle’s presence on the side road. 

The VSL sign along the main carriageway is then activated highlighting the reduced speed restriction (shown as 70kph) on approach to the junction.

When the waiting vehicle has executed its manoeuvre, the VSS shows no information where the default speed (i.e. 100kph) applies. 

Additional static signs on the approach to the junction highlight that the variable speed limit is side road activated.

Powered by solar energy, this system is an ideal initiative at junctions in high-collision areas due to low and high-speed traffic conflicts in rural areas.

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