Transport Statements

The UK’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires documents to inform the planning process of issues related to developments that generate significant amounts of movement.  These documents are identified as a Transport Assessment or Transport Statements.

A Transport Assessment generally supports developments that potentially may significantly generate transport movements.  This is a comprehensive report identifying highway and transport matters relating to a development proposal and forms evidence included within the development planning application.

Where development proposals generate lower levels of traffic and people movements, a simplified report in the form of a Transport Statement is produced to support the development planning application where similar to a Transport Assessment the Highway Authority will determine whether the impact of the development on transport is acceptable.

Ayen Consulting has provided well-received transport statements and assessments from small residential developments to large-scale mixed-use sites.

Our reports are recognised for their conciseness and robustness ensuring the development proposal satisfies the highway authority on transport-related impact grounds.


    We were pleased to hear the applicant received planning consent for the redevelopment of the existing golf club. The redevelopment, to include new golf facilities, café and 5 new residential dwellings and proposal to relocate its current car park access as part of the masterplanning. Our supporting Transport Statement included an assessment of the expected trip generation and distribution based on the site’s alteration of land use and relocated site access. We were invited to discuss potential highway concerns with the Local Highway Authority where we provided our technical input and resolutions to address their concerns. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the architect and client providing engineering guidance to achieve a masterplan that catered for all parties objectives.


    We were delighted to assist the site applicant by providing a Transport Statement to support their change of use planning application for the redevelopment of the extant Partridges retail site into retail/office and residential, sited in Hadleigh Town Centre. We ensured our robust and thorough documentation particularly assessed the potential impact on surrounding on-street parking, internal and external vehicular activity and modal-shift due to the nearby bus station. Our engineering input into the internal car park layout was well received using innovative control initiatives to prevent parking and service occupancy by town centre related trips. Our vigorous surveying techniques allowed us to better understand the traffic and parking activity in the area, resulting in a strong supporting Transport Statement.

  • Andrew Guttridge - Bildeston Parish Council, Suffolk, UK

    'Excellent and very professional service provided by Ayen Consulting to support our Local Plan objection. Efficient data collection with robust analysis and clear presentation in a comprehensive technical report; all completed within a very tight timescale.'

  • Andy Stopps - Wingerworth Junior Sports Association, North East Derbyshire, UK

    'Our Grassroots football club have made an application to build a clubhouse to improve facilities. The project has some complicated objections around car parking and traffic management. As a club we had no experience or knowledge with regards to this and needed a consultant to work with. I approached Kevin and from the outset it felt like he understood our needs, talked us through the process, created a high quality piece of work and met all deadlines asked of him. We are grateful for all of the work and support given to us and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ayen Consulting for this kind of work.'

  • James Barker - Colchester, Essex, UK

    'Great service and fantastic professional drawings.'