Traffic Modelling

At the early stages of a project, understanding how different types of potential treatments can affect a highway link or junction is useful. 

Using technical or rudimentary techniques, we can provide high-level outputs, for example, travel times, delay times, queue lengths etc for scenarios such as before (do-nothing) and after (do-something) highway improvements.

Our reporting will compare different improvement schemes and can also highlight short-term to long-term options.

Improvement schemes can include bus priority benefits along with a highway link or junction, or proposed diversion routes due to a proposed road closure. 

In addition to assessing our client’s initiatives, based on our international expertise, we can provide designs to assist with our client's objectives.

If you require assistance with highway and traffic engineering design or junction modelling, please feel free to contact us.


    Ayen Consulting was engaged by Transport for London and local authority London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council (LBBD) to assess peak period congestion concerns along Whalebone Lane North approaches to the signalised junction with the A12 during peak periods. Using LinSig software designed to model traffic signalised junctions, we calibrated a model to replicate the existing intersection using topographical and traffic survey data sourced from TfL. The model was validated against current queues lengths and a less orthodox approach using the degree of saturation for each lane on the A12, as queue lengths were noticeably non-uniform. Ayen Consulting found excessing delays were developing due to excessing queues in flared lanes blocking through traffic. Our well-received report and modelling provided an incremental snapshot of the junction’s underperformance and a do-minimum upgrade design to improve traffic capacity.  Our design was approved by the TfL & LBBD and an extension of the existing northbound right-turn lane was constructed resulting in a significant reduction in delays and Practical Reserve Capacity (PRC). Following a further request, our junction design also included controlled pedestrian facilities linking the existing southern footway.You can see the extended right-turn lane on Whalebone Lane North northbound approach to the A1 on Google. 


    Ayen Consulting was engaged by Transport for London to assist with reducing bus delays at junctions during daily peak periods.  Using Oyster patronage and onboard bus data, the bus travel, queuing, and dwell times were used to understand areas of concern. Using TRANSYT software designed to model a network of junctions, we calibrated a model to replicate the average travel time along bus routes and re-designed traffic signal timings and junction geometry to reduce delay for approaching buses.  Bus priority initiatives included bus gates, peak-time bus lanes, prohibited turning movements etc. The delay and link travel time output data and short/long-term design concepts were used in the benefit-cost analysis process with initiatives that scored a high benefit-cost ratio progressed to further traffic modelling and detailed design. We used the macroscopic-modelling approach to provide high-level results for many initiatives within a short timeframe followed by a detailed assessment for initiatives taken forward. Ayen Consulting received praise for providing quick-thinking.

  • Andrew Guttridge - Bildeston Parish Council, Suffolk, UK

    'Excellent and very professional service provided by Ayen Consulting to support our Local Plan objection. Efficient data collection with robust analysis and clear presentation in a comprehensive technical report; all completed within a very tight timescale.'

  • Andy Stopps - Wingerworth Junior Sports Association, North East Derbyshire, UK

    'Our Grassroots football club have made an application to build a clubhouse to improve facilities. The project has some complicated objections around car parking and traffic management. As a club we had no experience or knowledge with regards to this and needed a consultant to work with. I approached Kevin and from the outset it felt like he understood our needs, talked us through the process, created a high quality piece of work and met all deadlines asked of him. We are grateful for all of the work and support given to us and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ayen Consulting for this kind of work.'

  • David Hampton - Tyréns UK, London, UK

    Kevin was part of the multi-disciplinary team working on a number of UK and international development projects.  His experience in transport engineering and design was invaluable through key design stages. He was proactive in identifying and resolving design problems within the team and with clients.  His ability to work through design and engineering challenges in a constructive manner helped achieve positive outcomes for these projects. I would work with Kevin again in a similar capacity.'