Traffic Management Plan

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) or Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) is usually required by the local planning and highway authorities for approval before construction.

From small residential to large retail developments, we can provide TMP or CTMP documents to support a discharge of conditions with site layouts highlighting building and material locations and swept path analysis presenting vehicle movements on-site and on the surrounding highway network.

If required, we can provide temporary traffic control information at roadworks including signal traffic control diagrams, phasing and staging data, in accordance with ‘Traffic Signs Manual’ and ‘Safety at Street Works and Road Works’.

  • Andrew Guttridge - Bildeston Parish Council, Suffolk, UK

    'Excellent and very professional service provided by Ayen Consulting to support our Local Plan objection. Efficient data collection with robust analysis and clear presentation in a comprehensive technical report; all completed within a very tight timescale.'

  • Andy Stopps - Wingerworth Junior Sports Association, North East Derbyshire, UK

    'Our Grassroots football club have made an application to build a clubhouse to improve facilities. The project has some complicated objections around car parking and traffic management. As a club we had no experience or knowledge with regards to this and needed a consultant to work with. I approached Kevin and from the outset it felt like he understood our needs, talked us through the process, created a high quality piece of work and met all deadlines asked of him. We are grateful for all of the work and support given to us and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ayen Consulting for this kind of work.'

  • James Barker - Colchester, Essex, UK

    'Great service and fantastic professional drawings.'